It works so well...

Please, answer in French, I can read.

Well, I promised to give my feedback. I'm using Entbox in a variety of contexts, and it works really very well. Basically, in this weeks I'm using it with some 250 primary school teachers, thus suggesting to use it, in turn, in the primary school classes were they are going to do their training.

If we will find some problems I will write it down here.

May be I'm willing to install LibreOffice, to use it as an ordinary Raspberry box as well. Anyone here tried something similar?


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    Thank you very much for your feedback !

    You can install libreoffice or any other software using sudo apt-get from terminal or app repository

    Best regards,
  • Yes :)

    Actually, I found that LibreOffice was already there. However I needed the LibreLogo plugin, which I installed by means of sudo apt-get install libreoffice-librelogo. In this way, when you restart LibreOffice you'll find the LibreLogo toolbar.

    I'm using Entbox almost every day, both in Hotspot and Ethernet mode :)

    Best regards

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